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by mouseclick
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Backtracking   requires JavaScript

A mouseclick on any card belonging to the array on the right side ("pool") moves that card into the next empty field of the left array ("game-area").

A single mouseclick on any card in the game-area causes a quarter turn of the card counterclockwise.

A double mouseclick on any card in the game-area (or a single click on the corresponding card no. displayed below) moves the card back to its original place in the pool.

Aim: all cards should be placed in the game-area such that all neighbours fit, i.e. 12 unicolored letters "A" should appear.

After activation of the option "automatically" a backtracking-algorithm will run down for search of a solution. It may be interrupted by activation of the option "by mouseclick". When a solution is found, the algorithm will end and in that case a search for another solution may be continued with the button "new solution". The delay (in milliseconds) regulates the frequency of the image output.

© H.B. Meyer
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