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I) Stereo-pairs ..

. . are image pairs causing a three-dimensional impression when looked at with stereo viewing technique.

Here are examples with roses: yellow roses in stereo white rose in stereo red rose in stereo

In order to enjoy a moving animation in stereo, download the MS-DOS .exe file mhbmagic.exe (34 kb) and run it on your PC.
Execution is safe of course, and it is best viewed in the evening or in a dark room (but don't fall into the the abyss of your monitor).

II) Autostereograms (Sirds, magic-eye)
1. "curtain up", a short MS-DOS animation (29 kb) ending with this image: egg-box.
2. "tobleron", a MS-DOS randomly animated image generation (27 kb), and one possible result: Tobleron.
3. intricated rings   an autostereogram with two intricated rings (800 x 600 pix).
4. the landscape "Hexental" near Freiburg, Germany, with the "Schönberg" mountain (height emphasized): Hexental (988 x 600 pix).
5. dollar circulation "dollar circulation" (800 x 600 pix), paying in Euro:  Euro  (800 x 600 pix).
6. "the alps", a self-explaining image  Alp's  text  if you understand some German. (800 x 600 pix).

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